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The jaks posted here are artistic works of coal.
Only a fool would call anything posted here a gem.

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what does /soy/ think of gemming up habbo hotel?
as far as i know, habbo is a dying game now and the only people who play it are mega autists trading furniture. could we then somehow replace the local culture there by sheer soy power?

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>>1894576 (OP)
zoomer trannies love habbo hotel, i'm not kidding

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>>1894576 (OP)
sounds like the gemmy idea albeit what about jannies?

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>>1894576 (OP)
Possible Diamond

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That ancient brimstonegame still exists and people play it?

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i haven't checked yet, but if i had to guess the janny system is incompetent and 90% automated like roblox
if this video essay is still accurate, then habbo moderation is so incompetent that they can't reliably shut down illegal child gambling on their own platform

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pools's closed 2
revenge of the trolls

 No.1894628 [>][<]

let's fucking do it

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we should all use pale avatars with straight hair and casual clothing

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>>1894576 (OP)
so.. what the plan is?

 No.1894653 [>][<]

dress bald, glasses, pale, casual; or if possible, capeshit clothing
constantly talk about soyjaks (as far as i know, habbo uses a similar filter system to roblox, same company outsourced for the AI. i haven't confirmed this yet)
functionally similar to the 2008 epic oldfag raids wherein we just create an annoying mob
long term: create a sharty colony on the 'abbo. eventually, up to 10% of the playerbase will be shartiers as the game loses its last active users with time

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My attempt at creating a chudjak avatar with only free items. Thoughts?

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looks way too normal but you don't have much to work with so you get a pass

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So I guess we have to cooperate? Where do we meet?

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i cant seem to make a soyjak avatar with what beards they have, so im going with the ronnie mcnutt look
the pool, perhaps? just to see where everyone is

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Sharty 'oom just opened

Go to Navigator > Chat and Discussions -> Scroll down until you see it

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