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I did it at my university, hopefully it doesn't get taken down. I was going to do it near the lgbtq room, maybe ill do that tmrw


posting in a historic thread


>>916570 (OP)
keyed ill put up 1 tomorrow too


saar why didnt you redeem


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Some femoids looked at me weirdly


>>916570 (OP)




are you aryan indian brahmin BVLL?


that tape looks weak doe it might get blown away


keyed gemmer but you shouldnt haev posted this during dead hours it will be slid off the log before amerisharts can read it tommorow and give you replies


make more you retarded nigger i want the whole university coated


teens we need to coordinate a mass advertising campaign across the world all at once


how much curry pussy do you get chud


how did you know?
I'll bump it later to hopefully inspire more people
Well I don't have anything else to do so yeah I will. If anyone has any requests, I'll print them tmrw and hang them around. I was contemplating asking people if they would like to join the 'arty and giving them a cobson or troonjak.
haven't spoken to a women since grade school


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>haven't spoken to a women since grade school


i thought about doing something creative like putting a smiling happy troonjak somewhere with instructions to lift the page where it then reveals another page containing a dead hanging troonjak and some mean spirited message for example



I, Kuz, approve of this message!




I was going to ask random foid if they wanted a cobson or ask them to say "shoutout to the sharty" or something


i can pay fiverr people to say something about the sharty on video


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